Seeing the dentist in Buda on the Philippines

Dr. Flüthmann and Dr. Werth take part in the project in Buda of Doctors for Developing Countries – German Doctors e.V. They talk about their experiences in this blog:

„Did he use the drill? Surely not. When the dentist comes to Buda, he does not bring a drill but quite a range of pincers.

We could watch three times how teeth were pulled at piecework. The effort and costs for one filling is much too high, there are far too many patients, and usually the teeth in need cannot be fixed anymore.

That’s how a room in our tuberculosis house is remodelled to a dental surgery and for a day quite a couple of teeth are pulled. A dentist of Doctors for Developing Countries once said that – unlike in Germany – you don’t have to convince anyone to have a tooth pulled but rather to not pull all of them! Teeth are not necessary to eat the food here which usually is very soft; any tooth that remains is only the potential root of more trouble.

After all we get to see in the daily throat inspections we are quite thankful for the regular morning patient instructions which are a requirement for every treatment with the German Doctors. The patients are educated about dental care and once in a while you meet whole families who have good teeth although it may be obvious that they barely have enough money for a tooth brush and tooth paste. A big influence may also be the lack of money to buy sweets.“

Translation: Ulrike Peter

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